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The Care Blog: Gold

Good things take time… and care! We’ve covered the care basics before but now, we’re getting into the details according to the jewelry material. Welcome to The Care Blog series, we’re kicking things off with Gold styles! Before we begin, VE’s high quality materials are made for daily wear, but no matter how pure the Gold is, it’s good to take the steps to properly care for all of your pieces.

If you’re new here, Victoria Emerson’s Gold collection lands in the semi and demi-fine space (more info about that here), so the cleaning and maintenance for both are different. To keep your semi and demi-fine Gold as gorgeous as the day they arrived, there are a couple basics that we’d like to cover. Let’s get into general care then the specifics! 


The Basics

Gimme a break!

All sparkles need breaks too, it’s hard being in the spotlight all day! ✨ We love pieces that are comfy enough to wear 24/7 but naturally, the more you wear it, the more wear and tear it gets. So it's good to take those pieces off every so often! It might also be a sign to refresh the essentials in your collection. Basics are important so you always have something that goes with everything in your rotation. If an extra special piece is taking some time off, you have another, just as beautiful style ready for a switch up!

Jewelry organizers with hooks are great for necklaces and bracelets.
Pro-tip: When storing your necklaces, look for an organizer with hooks to prevent tangling. It's a nice way to look at your faves as well!

The Clean Girl

If you aren’t doing so already, always wipe your items down with a soft cloth (beware of paper towels, they are dusty and can cause scratching!) for a quick clean and polish after each wear! But starting now, let’s take things to the next level and start a cleaning day to wash down your jewelry. Here’s the steps to get it done! 🫧

  1. Gather the Gold jewelry you’d like to wash.
  2. Use warm water and dish soap to soak your pieces for about ten minutes. 
    • You don't need to spend a bunch of money on jewelry dips and polishes, especially if you're not sure what to get. The wrong one may harm the gold plating!
  3. With a soft toothbrush, lightly scrub away any build up of body oil, sweat, moisturizers, perfume, makeup, etc.
    • Please be gentle with the semi-precious stones, they are delicate and can break, crack or scratch without taking extra care.
  4. Rinse the soapy residue off well, wipe each piece off completely with a towel, then lay everything flat to dry further.
    • Get any tight corners and softly polish with an eyeglasses cloth (like the ones included in our sunglasses) to keep the Gold shiny.
  5. Avoid jewelry dips and polishes as they may contain chemicals that can harm the Gold plating!
  6. Store safely and you’re done! 🎊
Wash your gold with soap and water
Pro-tip: Some pieces like the Herringbone links are delicate and elaborate while others like the Lev Baguette Cut Ring has many corners and edges. Keep this in mind when scrubbing and drying off your pieces.

Pack it up

    When you’re not wearing your jewelry, store your pieces away safely. A jewelry box with compartments is ideal to keep your collection organized, and keep semi-precious stones from getting scratched. You could also use our gifted VE pouches for separation, doing so minimizes moisture, prevents oxidization, and sun damage. Once your Gold is organized in your travel case, display stand, or jewelry box, remember to store your sparkles safely in a cool, dry place away from the sunlight. 

    Always store your pieces in a cool, dry place away from the sun!
    You don’t need a fancy organizer to store your jewelry well.

    The Specifics

    If you apply those basic maintenance rules, you’ll be able to prolong the shine of all your Gold VE pieces. To get more specific, let’s dive into the semi and demi-fine differences. If you’re not sure what your piece is, check the “Materials” heading of our descriptions, or shoot us a message and we can help out.


    For Semi-Fine

    At Victoria Emerson, you’ll probably see it as 14K or 18K Gold Plating. As a refresher, this means the Gold is mixed with a metal (like Stainless Steel, Brass, or Copper) for strength and durability. This also means that the Gold plating can dull if constantly worn in water, sleep, or during exercise. To avoid this, we readily adopt the “last on, first off” practice: put your jewelry on after you’ve matched it with your outfit, then take it off first before you change to sleep, swim, shower, exercise, or apply any body products. It’s like dessert, the best part of your meal comes last. 🍰

    If you’re ever in the situation where, "ahh, I forgot to take off my VE!” Don’t fret, our sparkles are designed with high quality materials that can withstand a couple washes and laps in the pool. As soon as you remember, just give them a nice pat with a dry towel.

    Dry your pieces gently and well!

    In case you leave your sparkles on in water, just rinse and wipe down nice and dry.


    For Demi-Fine

    Also known as Gold Vermeil here at VE, demi-fine jewelry is made with at least 10K Gold and Sterling Silver base metal (read about Silver here). Even with this higher grade of materials, Gold Vermeil is not invincible.

    So it’s ideal to still incorporate regular maintenance: lessen contact with liquids and chemicals, polish regularly, and be mindful of semi-precious materials (e.g. Moissanite, Cubic Zirconia, Turquoise, Freshwater Pearls, etc.) when washing. Some soaps, jewelry polishes, even body products, contain chemicals that are harmful to the finishes on the stones, which is why we recommend using good old dish soap for cleaning! You can wear Gold Vermeil with confidence, especially if you’re putting these basic rules into practice! 😉

    Pearls need protection, keep them stored in our VE pouch when not worn!
    Remember to take extra special care of the semi-precious stones in your pieces!


    Stay Sparkly

    Here are the biggest takeaways from today to make sure your Victoria Emerson pieces look good as new. 

    1. Treat your belongings with love and they’ll love you back! 
    2. Wipe your sparkles down after each use and start a cleaning day for your jewels.
    3. Use the “last on, first off” rule.
    4. Store your pieces in a cool and dry place away from the sun.

    Following these proper care instructions can prolong the lifespan, prevent tarnishing, and preserve the shine of your sparkles. If you have additional questions on the upkeep and maintenance of your sparkles, let us know at

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