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Birthstones and their Meanings

Have you always wondered if your birthstone meant anything special? Or even just wondered, what it was? Let's dive into it today with the dazzling world of birthstones! We've covered the gem associated with each month and the meaning behind them.

The birthstone CollectionJanuary - Garnet: To kick things off, January babies get the fiery red garnet. It's not just a gem; it's a power move. Symbolizing strength and prosperity, this bad boy is your secret weapon for conquering life's challenges in style.

February - Amethyst: February, you're in for a treat with the majestic amethyst! Picture this: a bold purple gem said to promote nothing but good vibes. It's all about tranquility and clarity, so wear amethysts to help protect your peace!

Silver Birthstone and Silver Birthstone Stacking RingsMarch - Aquamarine: March, meet your spirit gem, the aquamarine. Imagine a gem that's as blue as the beaches on vacation. It represents harmony, trust, and eternal youth, helping us accept and let go of what's holding us back.

April - Diamond: Hey, April dazzlers! Diamonds aren't just a girl's best friend; they're everyone's ride-or-die companion. Sparkling with everlasting love and invincibility, it's basically the superhero of birthstones. Shine on diamond!

Gold Vermeil Birthstone Studs

May - Emerald: May, you're in for a green treat with the lush emerald. Picture yourself surrounded by success, love, and rebirth. It's like having a VIP pass to life's prosperity party. Who doesn't love a little boost in attracting success?

June - Pearl: June, you're classic and timeless with pearls. Purity, wisdom, and elegance? Check, check, and check! Wear those pearls and channel that old Hollywood romance energy. You're the leading star of birthstones!

Birthstone Necklaces

July - Ruby: July, say hello to the passionate ruby! It's not just red; it's "set-the-world-on-fire" red. Symbolizing love, courage, and vitality, you're basically the heartthrob of the birthstone world. Let that ruby passion run wild!

August - Peridot: August, get ready for the sunshine gem - peridot! Bright, sunny, and full of positive vibes, you're the life of the birthstone party. Embrace that yellowish-green goodness and let it be your source of energy and positivity.

Stacking Birthstone Rings

September - Sapphire: September, has the striking sapphire. Wisdom, nobility, and intelligence in one gem? Sign us up! It's said that sapphires help us make wise decisions. So wear it with pride knowing it's got your back!

October - Opal: October, you're stone is the opal, filled with iridescent colors. It's hope, purity, and truth all channeled into one stone. Opals are perfect for that little pick-me-up with a major bonus of also looking super cute! 

Gold Vermeil Birthstone StudsNovember - Citrine: November, you're golden with citrine! Believed to tap into the sun, it brings positivity, energy, joy, and light. It's basically a gem-covered hug! Let that citrine be your guiding light on your fabulous and adventurous journeys.

December - Turquoise: December, you're cool, calm, and collected with turquoise. It's known to symbolize many things like feminity, friendship, intuition, and protection. Let turquoise tap into your gut feelings and bring you to success!

Silver Birthstone RingsBirthstones? It's not just about looks and how pretty it is in jewelry— they're tiny pieces filled with personal stories and vibes. So, now that you know the meaning behind your gem, the next time you wear it, remember it's more than sparkle— it's like wearing a piece of your own unique tale.

Did you know months can have multiple birthstones? Let us know if the birthstone you wear didn't make the list and we can always tackle the monthly gems in a part 2!

Birthstone Collection

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