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Get The Right Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we don’t care what anyone says, we love love and any reason to celebrate it including Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day love can come in so many forms including love for your partner, your best friends, and of course yourself. These kind of celebrations deserve something special and we may be a little biased… but we think the long-lasting gift of jewelry is the way to go. This doesn’t mean don’t get flowers or chocolate. It just means maybe those shouldn’t be the star of the gift and instead, something a little more sparkly.

Now the age-old question… what to get?? We’ve broken down different personal styles below from the boho, to the minimalist, to the sparkle maximalist and more so you know just what to get. Shopping for yourself? Find your personal style down below for our recommendation!

Amara Earrings, Lev Baguette Ring, Claire Earrings, Emily Earrings
Pictured: Amara Earrings, Lev Baguette Ring, Claire Earrings, Emily Earrings

The Girly Type

Are they into all things pink? Can’t get enough of hearts, bows, and all things cute? Then these are the kinds of pieces you should be picking up! It lets her know you pay attention to her personal style and the things she likes. If you really want to go for it, match a cute piece with a bouquet of pink flowers and white flowers. It’ll fit perfectly with the theme!

The Boho Type

Do they wear a lot of oversized and flowy things? Maybe you’ve heard about ‘Just Classically Cassidy’ more than a few times? The pieces should fit with the existing closet. If you can picture the jewelry with something they already own, that’s how you know it’s a good fit! For a flower pairing, we say skip the typical roses and go for a colorful bouquet of wildflowers. Something that looks beautiful and unique, just like the person you’re gifting to!

Shell pearl earrings, marnie pearl studs, pearl toggel clasp necklace

The Chic Minimalist Type

Blazers, slick ponytails, and minimal makeup? Would you say the clothes are pretty simple but manages to look really put together? That’s the clean-girl aesthetics, and it sounds like this is your match. You want to gift something timeless, classic, and chic. We’ve got so many jewelry pieces for just that. They’ll be able to wear them a million times over and look as good as the last time. For a flower, definitely go for the perfect, large, single red rose. It doesn’t get more minimalist and classic than that.

The Fashionista Type

Are you gifting for someone who’s always dressed to impress? Always on the trends? Mobwife aesthetic may have been mentioned here or there. That means you’re dealing with a fashionista and you need a gift to match. The trick is finding something that feels familiar but also a little different. We’ve got plenty of options. For a flower pairing, we say you should build the bouquet. It’s super trendy right now to pick up a bunch of flowers and arrange your own bouquet. That means the bouquet will be both completely unique and super personal at the same time!

Opal Flower RingOpal Flower
Poppy Drop EarringsPoppy Drop
The Swiftie Crystal NecklaceThe Swiftie
Crystal Necklace
Chunky Heirloom Gold Curb Chain BraceletChunky Heirloom
Gold Bracelet
Green & Gold Sunburst Watch
Green & Gold
Sunburst Watch
Sarah Oval SunglassesSarah Oval

Gemme ringPictured:  Gemme Ring, Sophia Bangle


The More is More Maximalist Type

If you know someone who is all about the "go big or go home" mentality with dressing (or maybe even all life's things), then you've got a maximalist to shop for! The bigger, the bolder, the better! We've got the pieces to match their big wardrobe and personality. When it comes to flowers we suggest finding the biggest bouquet. It doesn't even have to be a traditionally "fancy" flower. The key is to wow them with volume! We swear they'll love it :)

Beatrice Crystal EarringsBeatrice
Crystal Earrings
Sophia BanglesSophia
Golden Lights Cuff
Lights Cuff
Sun & Sea Pendant NecklaceSun & Sea Pendant

Alison Crystal Necklace, James Necklace, Sally Tennis NecklacePictured top to bottom: Sally Crystal Tennis NecklaceJames Necklace, Alison Crystal Necklace


The Lover of Finer Things Type

Do you know someone fine who loves the finer things? Who doesn’t know the meaning of underdressed? We definitely do and the Demi-Fine collection is for just them. The jewelry needs to be up to their high standards but we also believe in not breaking the bank. They’ll fall in love with the versatility and sparkle of our moissanite and pearls. Now the only flower worthy of this gifting combo is a bouquet of roses. You have to keep your flowers as grand as the ones receiving them!


Adelaide Gold
Vermeil Ring

Claire Moissanite EarringsClaire Moissanite
Gold Toggle Clasp AAA Pearl NecklaceGold Toggle AAA
Pearl Necklace

Pictured: Alicia Moissanite RingPictured: Alicia Moissanite Ring


The “Pop the question” Gift

Will this be the big day? Are you going to ask the big question they’ve been waiting to hear? Do you still need a ring? We know some of you work last minute so don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got 4 beautiful styles to choose from made with 100% genuine Moissanite stones so you can get a ring with a sparkle that’ll rival her own. Now if you’re going to propose, you will need some flowers. Layout some petals with a few full stems of her favorite flower. Don’t know what that is? Roses are always a good go-to.

Sierra Round Cut Moissanite Gold Vermeil Ring with HaloSierra
Moissanite Ring

Alicia Moissanite Gold Vermeil Ring with Pavé Band

Moissanite Ring

Monica Cushion Cut Moissanite Gold Vermeil Ring with HaloMonica
Moissanite Ring
Gemme RingGemme

Love stacking ringPictured: Love Stacking Ring


For the Girl Gang

We LOVE a good Galentines Day get-together. It’s important to show our friends how much we love them too! We say, do that with some jewelry! Pieces you can wear and remember your friends every time you look at it. We’ve got a few options. Everyone could match and get the same ring or necklace.You could also grab a stacking set where everyone gets one strand. Each strand is individual and unique but together they make a beautiful whole set. There’s the classic friendship charm bracelet we’ll never get enough of. Or if you’re looking to keep it simple, grab a party box and divide up the pieces. So fun and unique!

Figaro Chain Charm Bracelet with Ring Clasp

Figaro Chain
Charm Bracelet

Palmer Pearl NecklacePalmer Pearl
Party BoxParty

Love Pendant NecklacePictured: Love Pendant Necklace


Few Extra if You’re Shopping for Yourself

Be the love of your own life! We love celebrating ourselves and getting the gifts we deserve. So here's a few options to get yourself. We've got something to remind you of love, something to remind you to sparkle, and something to remind you that you're worthy of nice things <3

Need to think about more options? Check out our Love Collection for our full list of Valentine’s Day perfect pieces to gift!
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