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Semi, Demi, Fine: Defined

Why are there so many types of jewelry? What do they all mean?! We know it’s confusing but we’re here to clear the air and find what’s best for you. Semi, demi, and fine: each type is special in its own way but it all depends on your budget, wearing habits, personal style, and sparkly needs. Let’s break down each type!

Fine Jewelry

While it's the priciest, fine jewelry is a valuable investment and the highest quality on the market. It is made with precious materials including metals like Solid Gold, White Gold, or Platinum, and natural gemstones, so it doesn’t tarnish and lasts the longest of the three.

Like all pretty things, fine jewelry is delicate and requires unique maintenance, depending on the metal. With the high price point in mind, fine is ideal for buyers looking for sustainable and classic jewelry, which is why it’s often reserved for special occasions.

The essential pearl look

Demi-Fine Jewelry

Much like fine jewelry, demi-fine pieces are often Gold Vermeil and Gold Fill, made with a combination of precious and base metals along with semi-precious and lab-grown stones (like our Forever Collection 😉). You’ll notice the major difference in price point, and this is because the base metal, often Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel, are harder and stronger materials that will ensure durability of your pieces — a sparkly friendship that will last years!

For the same reason, there is some care required to maintain a demi-fine piece, but it is still water and tarnish resistant, just not to the extent of fine. Demi-fine is made for everyday wear, and can last a long time with easy maintenance (see our Gold and Silver blogs for all the deets on these metals). It’s a happy medium for a happy you! 

Demi is your bit of everyday lux!

Pictured: The Winnie Knotted Hoop Earrings, Ocean Gold Vermeil Pearl Droplet Necklace, and the Asymmetrical Gold Vermeil Pearl Bracelet

Demi makes luxury accessible — it’s designed to look like the style of fine, without costing a fortune or sacrificing quality!

Semi-Fine Jewelry

Most affordable out of the three, semi-fine jewelry is often made with 14K or lower Gold Plating on metals like Copper and Brass, combined with semi-precious stones. This means that it can tarnish and shouldn’t be in regular contact with water, sweat, or lotion, nor should it be worn to bed (full care tips here).

While it's not a big investment piece, semi-fine is just as beautiful and offers the most flexibility in designs. It's much stronger than fashion jewelry (aka costume jewelry), and a wallet-friendly solution for staying up-to-date with the latest sparkly trends, while still delivering quality.

Go bold with your look and wear colorful pieces!

Pictured: The Cabria Knocker Earrings, Kaylee Layered Necklace, Erin Link Chain Bracelet, and Sarafina Gold Bracelet

If you’re looking for ways to expand your jewelry collection, and for statement pieces that you won’t wear daily, semi’s your gal!

So What Should I Get?

At the end of the day, jewelry is all about how it makes you feel! Are you the set-it-and-forget-it type who doesn’t remove their jewelry for anything? The fashionista type with an #OOTD that matches from head to toe? Or maybe you’re something in between? No matter the case, we’ve got something for you. 

Victoria Emerson has always prioritized making beautiful and high quality jewelry affordable and accessible for every woman, no matter your budget. We don’t believe in ridiculously expensive markups and know that wearing your finest jewels everyday isn’t ideal (think of all the lost engagement ring horror stories!) We do believe that good jewelry is for everyone, that’s why we offer both semi and demi-fine, where you'll always have quality, stylish, and attainable sparkles no matter your price range. ✨

Build up your semi and demi fine collection with VE!

Pictured: Styles from our semi and demi-fine Gold Collection

It’s all down to how the pieces make you feel when you put on your signature sparkles! Now, are you ready to build your collection? Check out some of the bestsellers that we have to offer and click below to shop our gold semi and demi-fine styles! 🛍️

Mini Cuff

Leah Heart Layered Necklace

Leah Heart
Layered Necklace

Sloan on Natural

on Natural

Trena Pearl
Droplet Earrings

Rachel Checkered 
Band Ring

Amanda Seamless Huggies

Seamless Huggies


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Thank you for the info on jewelry care. I’ve purchased the protector bracelet for myself and others. Double checking on how to care for it. Thank you!! : )

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