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Styling The Forever Collection

This year we launched our Forever Collection. It included some classics like our Grade AAA Pearl pieces, our 18K Gold Vermeil, and included a few new additions with a little extra sparkle, our Moissanite Rings.

Beautiful, sparkling, extravagant pieces. They look nice but how would you actually wear them in the real world? We know our Forever Collection can seem a little daunting so we've put together a few ways you can style these pieces for the perfect Forever look ✨

For Travel

Our Moissanite styles were literally made for traveling! We know you guys have some special, near-and-dear pieces you’d have a full Kim K meltdown moment over if you lost it in the ocean, or on the beach, or literally anywhere while on vacay. So we made just as beautiful, travel-friendly priced rings so you can still rock your wifey status without worrying about losing a precious piece.

You may love your new ring so much, that you end up wearing it all time… It’s been known to happen 😉

For Special Occasions

Our Forever Collection and Moissanite styles are a natural fit for special occasions. Bride? We got you! Wedding guest? Totally! Holiday parties, anniversaries, just Friday date night? Not a better match! Our pieces are especially perfect if you’re looking to add a little sparkle and glamour to your look. Moissanites are known to have more fire (aka that rainbow sparkle) than actual diamonds.

 We think it’s your time to shine


For Everyday

Moissanites… for everyday? We know it may sound way too fancy for the day to day but honestly, it’s just what your outfits need. Adding a Forever Collection item to a quick Tuesday errands outfit is the perfect way to take it from basic to better. Pick a piece or two, like an eternity band and earrings for just enough to elevate that look.

Graduated Tennis NecklaceGraduated Tennis
Black mini wristlet

It’s time for your quiet luxury era. Feel fancy everyday 🥂

Forever collection travel rings

We've got so many more styles to choose from! Build even more looks and shop our entire Forever Collection.
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yesss loving the quiet luxury trend rn! excited to get some moissanite piece for myself

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