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Love, Layers

Layering has taken the jewelry world by storm. All kinds of pieces are put together to make beautiful stacks to complement (or be the statement) of your outfit.

One of the most popular ways to layer is through necklaces. If you're looking to layer your own pieces but are not quite sure where to start, here are a few tips to guide you through the process!


Herringbone snake chain and night sky moon pendant necklace
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 1. All About The Details

The first tip to building that beautiful stack is: pay attention to the details! How long are your necklaces? What do the chains look like? Are they dainty chains, chunky chains, or somewhere in between? Are there pendants, charms, or beads?

Lots of questions but all important when it comes to layering. Seeing all these details will help you choose the best pieces for your look!


Night Sky Moon Pendant Necklace, Cassia Knotted Hoop Earrings
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2. Get The Look 

When putting layers together, it’s good to have a look in mind so you can pick the right necklaces!


The Minimalist
If you’re looking for something more minimal, you’ll probably only want 2 or 3 layers of dainty pieces. Look for thin chains with no or only little pendants that are different lengths. This keeps the look simple and clean! If this sounds a little plain, try finding chains that look very different from each other, say a snake chain and rope chain, to make things little more interesting.


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Big and Bold

If you’re looking to make a statement with your necklaces, make them big and bold. Find pieces with chunky chains, large pendants, a lot of charms, or even completely beaded! Now, you don’t necessarily need a lot of layers; sometimes even just two pieces can totally do the trick. If you want to take up another notch, mix gold and silver for a stack that’s sure to catch eyes.


Paperclip Link Chain in Gold and Silver
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All the Layers

This is for those who aren’t into chunky pieces, but want to make just as much of a statement! With this look, it’s about adding sparkle through volume. You'd want at least four layers but really, the more the merrier. Try to keep some pieces different lengths but it’s ok if a few fall on top of each other. Layers that double up to help create that chunky effect without being chunky pieces.


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3. Layers, Assemble!

When layering, it can be important to think about how you want to stack your pieces. Do any chains overlap? Will anything be covered like little charms or a pendant? You want to make sure the pieces you’d really like to showcase are on top so they don’t get covered by other necklaces. It’s also good to have the longest necklace on the bottom. This helps frame everything above it! Keep in mind your pieces might get a little mixed up during the day but that’s ok. Take a quick peek in the mirror to straighten everything out or just roll with the new look!


Paperclip Link Gold Necklace, Classic Curb Chain Necklace, Julie Hoop Earrings

4. Buy Pre-Layered Pieces

So, turns out, layering can actually be quite the process. If you’re looking for a cute low-maintenance option, we’ve got you covered! Skip all the steps with pre-layered pieces. We’ve taken the time to style the perfect stack and create it as all one necklace! Multiple chains are connected on one clasp so you can just grab, put on, and go!

At Victoria Emerson, we’ve got pre-layered necklaces for every look! Pieces are plated in beautiful 14K or 18K gold to ensure you get high-quality, every day pieces without compromising on sparkle! Shop styles like:


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