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Get To Know Your Silver

We can see why so many people chose this cool toned metal as their accessory of choice over gold.

A classic metal that’s been around for ages! Silver is a fave for many since it’s super light to wear, on the whole more durable than gold, and of course, has such great shine! Did you know it's the most reflective metal in the world?

Silver Paperclip necklace
Pictured: Paperclip Link Silver Necklace, Paperclip Link Gold Necklace

Silver that’s considered fine is 99.9% pure. Just like gold, fine Silver has minimal tarnish but is really soft. It's very difficult to work with and makes for a piece that can very easily get damaged when you wear it.

It’s why you most often find Silver that’s been mixed with other metals. The most well-known one is Sterling Silver or 925 Silver. It’s 92.5% Silver with the extra 7.5% being another metal like copper to add strength and durability. This does cause it to tarnish though. Thankfully the tarnishing can be cleaned really easily. Vivianne tennis braceletPictured: Viviane Tennis Bracelet

How do I clean my Silver?

The easiest thing to do is actually just wear your piece frequently. The natural oils on our skin help keep tarnishing at bay (we still recommend cleaning your piece every so often as these oils can build up and impact the shine).

The next easiest way would be to take a microfibre cloth and polish your piece. Remember, your piece is still delicate, so find that balance between treating your jewelry delicately while also still putting in some elbow grease to get that tarnished layer off.

unity silver necklace

If your Silver is looking like it needs a little extra love, take a small bowl and mix a couple of drops of dish soap with warm water. Let your piece soak for about 10 min. Then give them a gentle scrubbing with something like a soft-bristled toothbrush. Use a microfibre to dry it off and you're set!

When storing your Silver, try to keep it in a sealed container to minimize air exposure. Elements in the air are the main cause of tarnishing. So the less air exposure it has while laying around, the slower it will tarnish.

Silver croissant earringsPictured: Elisa Silver Croissant Earrings, Corada Pearl Huggies, Mariam Textured Gold Huggies, and Vacay Tortoise Shell Hexagon Stud Earring

How can I tell if it's real Silver?

The number one way to tell is by finding a marking or stamp. Most Silver has been marked or stamped with its purity like 999 or 925. If you want to double check when you get home, Silver is a non-magnetic metal, so a piece made mostly with Silver shouldn’t stick to a magnet.

Jane tennis necklace

I love the look of Silver but it sounds so high maintenance. Are there other options?

Love the look of Silver but not looking for the cleaning upkeep. Or something with a lower price tag?

Stainless steel is a great Silver alternative with typically a lower price tag. It’s very strong, durable, and of course, does not tarnish.

Platinum or platinum plating is another way to get that Silver look without having to buy actual Silver. Platinum is also a strong and durable metal but something that is solid Platinum can be quite costly. Look for plated pieces, they will get a much lower price tag. tavira mini cuffPictured: Tavira Mini Cuff, and Vigo Cuff

At Victoria Emerson, we’ve got options for all the above! Find our real Silver, Stainless Steel, and Platinum Plated pieces for all the options.

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