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Teacher Appreciation Week 2023

Growing up, we all have personal heroes. Parents, relatives, and even friends – but no one makes as profound an impact as the teachers we saw every day. This May, let’s honor educators, the tireless heroes who have helped shape who we are today. With Teacher Appreciation Week held from May 8th to 12th and Teacher Appreciation Day on May 9th, join VE as we give our heartfelt thanks to educators everywhere (psst… read through the blog for a surprise at the end 😏)!  

No matter where you are in life now, a teacher has impacted you. For over 180 days a year, they are endlessly patient, empathetic, and kind as they nurture the minds of our children. To our beloved teachers, thank you for guiding us in the past and for molding our future generations. In celebration, we’re spotlighting four passionate educators and creators from the VE fam. Say hello to Morgan, Mrs. LeCount, Mrs. Keller, and Mrs. Huff! 🍎

Meet our VE teachers!

Welcome back to the VE Academy! Ready for a quick Meet the Teacher Day?

Meet Morgan from @alittlemoreofmorgan

Morgan Page is a Pre-Kindergarten Teacher based in Georgia. She finds Pre-K to be her favorite as it’s a student’s first experience with education; she loves seeing the potential in each of her students as they soak in all the information. In her free time, Morgan enjoys spending time with her family and friends, attending sporting events, reading true crime novels, trying new restaurants, and creating content with her husband. 

Find Morgan on Instagram here and read her blog here!

Morgan from @alittlemoreofmorgan

Grab your notebooks, Morgan’s here to teach a lesson on fun colors!


How long have you been an educator and what's your favourite part of the job?

I am in my fifth year of teaching, and my third year teaching Pre-Kindergarten. My favorite part of my job is the relationships. Relationships are key to teaching because once you've bonded with your students, they know they are safe and welcome in your classroom. I love being greeted by former students every morning, even students I've never taught stop by to say good morning!

What does a day in your life look like?

I typically am up by 5:30am on Monday to Friday, and have to be at school by 7:00am. From 7:00am to 2:15am, I spend my day teaching my 22 Pre-K students. I eat my lunch during their nap time, while I plan out activities for the upcoming week. After my school day ends, I like to attend a zumba class at my local gym or walk the treadmill. Once finished, I will go home and prep our dinner for the night and get together my lunch for the next day. My husband and I like to catch up on our shows or watch a movie with dinner.

Describe your style in three words.

Preppy, comfortable, fun.

As an educator, what does fashion mean to you?

As an educator, I am all about comfortable and cute fashion. Shoes that can last me 8+ hours a day on my feet. I love finding pieces I know can be styled multiple different ways for teaching and outside of work!

What are your go-to VE sparkles and how do you like to style them?

Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelets. I wear the Midnight Mist and white Wrap Bracelets the most!

What’s one message you want to share with the world through your content?

Always be yourself, and always be kind.

Morgan wears the Skylar on Ivory wrap

Hello summer! Morgan pairs her gorgeous pink patterned dress with the Skylar on Ivory Wrap.


Meet Mrs. LeCount from @lecountyourdays

With over fifteen dedicated years of teaching experience, Jennifer LeCount finds her expertise, 12th grade English, is her favorite to teach. Outside of work, Mrs. LeCount enjoys reading, going to the beach, shopping, and spending time with her family, friends, and fur babies! She discovered her new passion for content creation in August 2022, where she gets to share her take on the latest fashion trends while dressing up for school.

Find Mrs. LeCount on Instagram here and TikTok here!

Mrs. LeCount from @lecountyourdays

Class and style? More like class in style! Check out Jennifer’s casual and comfy OOTDs on TikTok.


How long have you been an educator and what’s your favorite part of the job?

15 years and I love my students and building relationships with them.

What does a day in your life look like?

I arrive at school at 6:50am and my day immediately begins with my students. I teach three 90 minute classes daily. I leave work around 2:30pm and when I get home, I grade, work on content, cook dinner, prepare lunch for the next day, watch tv, listen to a podcast, and pick out my outfit for the next day.

Describe your style in three words.

Trendy, comfortable, casual.

As an educator, what does fashion mean to you?

As an educator, fashion is very important to me. I put effort into what I wear because it is important how you present yourself. It makes a big difference in how I feel throughout the workday. Also, I feel it is important to be a role model to my students because I take the time to prepare myself for teaching.

What are your go-to VE sparkles and how do you like to style them?

I love VE jewelry. My go-to pieces are the Wrap Bracelets, Cuff Bracelets, and the Apple Watch Bands. They are great statement pieces to complete my outfits to give it a focal point. 

What’s one message you want to share with the world through your content?

A well-dressed teacher promotes professionalism, positivity, confidence, and respect in the classroom.

Mrs. LeCount wears the Sunrise Crystals with Gold on Natural

Mrs. LeCount styles the Sunrise Crystals with Gold on Natural Wrap with her bright pink monochrome outfit.


Meet Mrs. Keller from @kmkeller1110

While balancing life as a military wife, grad student, and mom of two (soon to be three 🥳), Kiah Keller is a passionate 4th grade teacher, who has worked in education for over ten years. After work and her own homework, Mrs. Keller spends her time with her husband and sons, cherishing this time as their children grow up together. 

Find Mrs. Keller on Instagram here

Mrs. Keller from @kmkeller1110

We’re taking a field trip to Missouri and visiting Mrs. Keller’s class in fun fashion!


How long have you been an educator and what’s your favorite part of the job?

I have been in education for over 10 years. I started in Pre-K, worked at a middle school for a few years, and now I am teaching elementary. My favorite thing about teaching is watching my students grow both intellectually but also as humans. The amount of growth they go through in just one school year is incredible and it is so much fun to be a part of their journey.

What does a day in your life look like?

A day in my life is busy and feels nonstop. The boys and I wake up, we get ready for the day and then we go to school. I drop them off at their school before heading into my classroom. Once I get into my classroom, I make sure that everything is set and ready for the day. I greet my students in the gym before walking to class with them. Once we are all back in class, it is non-stop learning until lunchtime. I eat lunch with the rest of my grade team each day, which is really nice because they are amazing, and we have some of the best conversations.

After lunch, it is back to learning, we have our reading block at this time. We just got a new reading curriculum so there has been a lot of learning for everyone this year. After our reading block, we go outside for our second recess and then shortly after that, it is time for the students to pack up and go home. I stay for a little while, grading and working on future plans. Recently, I have been working on lesson plans for the start of next year since I will have a substitute while I am on maternity leave.

After I finish up in the classroom, I head to grab the boys from their school. When we get home, it is time to start dinner (or eat dinner if my husband got home first and cooked dinner). After dinner, it is bath time and then winding down for the night. The boys and I play for a little bit before they go to bed and then I start on my homework if I have any. Once I am done, I get ready for bed and go to sleep to wake up and do it all again the next day.

Describe your style in three words.

Professional, comfortable, fun.

As an educator, what does fashion mean to you?

As an educator, fashion means being presentable and professional while also showing my creative side. We do not have a strict dress code, but I make sure that if the superintendent were to walk in (which does happen from time to time) that I am presentable and well-dressed. If I am wearing jeans on a day other than Friday, I make sure to dress them up. I also always make sure to add some sparkle with my Victoria Emerson pieces!

What are your go-to VE sparkles and how do you like to style them?

I wear my initial necklaces daily, I have one for each of my tiny humans (including the one on the way). I really like to stack my necklaces too, so I will add my Donna Perfect Pendant or Lucy Flower Charm necklaces (from the Just Classically Cassidy collection). I really like wearing my bracelet stacks as well, they are so versatile and go with absolutely everything. I have the Linzy, Macchiato, and Americano. I always get compliments on my Victoria Emerson jewelry. I love that I can dress my pieces up or down.

What's one message you want to share with the world through your content?

One message that I want to share with the world through my content is that teachers are people too. We have lives, families, interests, and hobbies. We get so caught up in teaching that sometimes we lose ourselves in the process and our whole identity becomes teaching. The balance between professional and person can be a challenging one but when you’re in a district and building where you are able to do your thing, it really helps.

Meet Mrs. Keller

Mrs. Keller is a comfy cool girl, she wears the Julie on Ivory Wrap (check out similar styles here) with her graphic tee and gingham skirt!


Meet Mrs. Huff from @keepingupwlittlelearners

For our newest educator, say hello to Taylor Huff! She is a fun and groovy 4th grade teacher based in North Carolina, she enjoys teaching all subjects and especially likes to include social-emotional learning into her lessons. She loves spending time with her husband, spreading positive vibes, and anything pink! Mrs. Huff lets her bright personality and far-out style shine in the classroom and online.

Find Mrs. Huff on Instagram here and on TikTok here

Mrs. Huff from @keepingupwlittlelearners

Who said class can’t be exciting? Let’s get groovy with Mrs. Huff!


How long have you been an educator and what’s your favorite part of the job?

I am in my second year of teaching. My favorite part of the job is being able to watch my students learn and grow in so many ways! It is so rewarding to help make a positive impact on each of their lives.

What does a day in your life look like?

My day to day is always changing! As a teacher you are always thinking on your feet when different situations arise. However, most importantly I do my best at creating an environment for my students every day where they feel safe to learn and be themselves. We start our morning with a morning meeting that covers SEL. Then we cover reading and writing before we go to lunch and recess. By the afternoon I teach math and we end our day with social studies/science.

Describe your style in three words.

Trendy, fun, and PINK!

As an educator, what does fashion mean to you?

Fashion to me as an educator is a way to express myself through clothes! I love wearing all the fun, bright, and outgoing outfits that just make me feel happy.

What are your go-to VE sparkles and how do you like to style them?

I love all my VE sparkles but I would say my favorites are the Ava, Île Saint Louis, Sherrie, and Kelsey on Natural. VE is easy to style with all my outfits whether I am looking to add a pop of color or need something to complete the outfit!

What’s one message you want to share with the world through your content?

Through my content I want to be able to share my experiences as a teacher and be able to support others who are already in the profession or coming into the profession. The message I try to portray is to always look for the positives! As a teacher there is a lot that goes into your day to day. It can be a roller coaster at times, but I always end my day with thinking of at least one positive of each day in the classroom. This helps in remembering my “Why I Teach.”

Mrs. Huff wears the Sherrie cuffMrs. Huff is pretty in pink! She styles the Sherrie Cuff with a personalized rainbow graphic tee and hot pink skirt. 


Celebrate Educators with VE

Before we end off, take a moment and reflect on the educators from your past. How did they influence you and who you are today? If you could thank them now, what would you say? Let’s all #ThankATeacher and show our appreciation to the wonderful educators as well as support staff for going above and beyond year after year! 🏫

Join Victoria Emerson in honoring Teacher Appreciation Week this year! Starting May 8th, use code “TEACHER” to get one free Wrap Bracelet to gift to any educator in your life on orders $30+, available for a limited time only.

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For additional information, please visit the National Education Association for more ways you can directly help classrooms and educators across the country.


Rubisha Satheesh

Thank you for recognizing the role we play in our children’s lives. It was a beautiful read that touched my heart! I’m glad there are so many educators that are striving to make the world a better place! The future of the world is in our classrooms!


Great read! I really believe self-expression is attainable in various ways: from how we talk to what we wear! Really appreciate how much effort these teachers are going through to create a positive and safe space for their students!

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