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Layering Your Necklaces

Layering up on chains is one of the biggest trends right now. We're obsessed of course and have our full line of necklaces layered for you to achieve this exact trend. BUT, what about all your other pieces? We know you've got some single-chain faves you'd love to pair together but how? Where do you start when building your own stack?

Styling can be a little tricky, so here are some tips on how we style our chains to get a variety of different looks!

When it comes to styling chains, necklace lengths are key to layering and styling. If you know how long your necklaces are, you can pick out the best outfit to pair them with!

necklace layering guideWhen you start building looks, knowing how you want your stack to sit will help you choose the best pairings for various outfits. Keeping in mind where a necklace falls can be different from person to person. Knowing how each length fits can ensure your clothes and accessories work together perfectly.

Need some inspo to get started? Here are three ways we pair different necklace lengths to achieve some super cute looks.

Mya shell necklace and pearl toggle necklace

Look 1 : All Stacked Up 

If you love a more is more, kinda feel, grabbing necklaces of the same or very similar lengths will give you that look. This is always fun with a few different chain types and even a pendant or two. Here we combined our timeless Chopin Chain necklace with our trendy Sun & Sea Pendant necklace! The two different chains with the large pendants make for such a cute chunky stack.

sun & sea necklace and chopin chain necklacePictured: Chopin Chain Necklace with the Sun & Sea Pendant Necklace 

To give your chunky stack the perfect blank canvas, we recommend pairing it with a plain crew neck or strapless top. Both options let the accessories be the focus of your overall look. We love letting bold layers be the star of the show!


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 Chopin Chain Necklace

Chopin Chain

 Sun & Sea Pendant Necklace

Sun & Sea
Pendant Necklace

Look 2 : Making Space 

It’s the perfect middle ground of accessorizing! Especially for those who love to play with textures, pendants, and more. Pairing necklaces of very different lengths (we recommend 2” or more) gives each piece room to shine on its own if you're worried about your look feeling overcrowded. How we would wear this look:

Amanda Layered Necklace and the Mother of Pearl NecklacePictured: Amanda Layered Necklace with the Mother of Pearl Heart Pendant Necklace

When we say to make space, we mean with your neckline too. Lower necklines, like with v-necks, really highlight the length of your necklace and elongates your neckline which can be really flattering! 


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Amanda Layered Necklace

Amanda Layered

Mother Of Pearl Heart Necklace

Look 3 : Tight, Light Layers

Love a layered look but your style is more minimalist? Pick up some classic chains, with just a slight difference in length (around 1” or 2"). You want the length to be different enough that they don’t overlap but lay close together for a really clean look. If your chain lengths have a larger gap, use a necklace with a pendant to help fill the space and give the same feel. 

22" Herringbone Chain and Lauren Layered NecklacePictured: Lauren Layered Necklace with the Herringbone 22" Necklace 

A classic stack calls for a classic top. A square or sweetheart neckline will frame the necklaces so nicely. It'll give your chains enough space, to again, avoid an overcrowded feeling and keep your look clean and balanced!


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Lauren Layered Pendant Necklace

Lauren Layered
Pendant Necklace

Herringbone Chain Necklace - 22"

Herringbone Chain
Necklace - 22"


We love mix-and-matching our individual chains as well as our Layered Necklaces to create the looks we're after. If we have a fave go-to stack, we use our layering clasp to connect them and create our own pre-layered necklace! The clasp has a toggle design so even it's super easy to take on/off (we're not about undoing a million clasps).

Layering Necklace Hack video Layering Necklace Hack - Clasp
Layering Necklace Hack - connected chains

Watch how Holly from @maketodayahollyday uses the layering clasp here: How to Use the Layering Clasp

Already know you need one in your life? Click here to shop the Necklace Layering Clasp.

For other layering tips like playing with pendants and textures, check out more on our Love Layers blog.

Ready to start layering? Shop our Necklace Collections for all the stacking options ❤️✨

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