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Holiday Party Looks

Let the Holiday Party season begin! We know it's that time when it can feel like there's always something going on. Between staff parties, getting together with friends, and trying to squeeze in a date night, you're gonna need A LOT of outfits. Good thing we're here to give you all the inspo so you'll know just what to wear to each party! 

The Staff Party

Styling for a staff party

The holiday parties are kicking off with work throwing one of its own. With a staff party, it’s all about finding the right balance of holiday sparkle and work appropriate. Try using neutral colors as a base but it’s the holidays so have some fun with the details. For example, a black top with a puff sleeve or a pleated skirt in gold for a little shine.

Sarah hoops
Caron Ring
Olive knot bracelet

Want a little more? Bring it on with the accessories. Have shimmer or shine in a neutral-colored shoe or a bag. To really add the pop play up your jewelry like bold hoops, rings, or bracelets. You can even pair those bold pieces with daintier ones, like a little reindeer necklace to complete the look. This makes sure your outfit brings the Christmas flare without feeling overwhelming.


The Dinner Party

The dinner party
Now a dinner party with friends is where you can really have some fun. You can go full ugly Christmas sweater (that’s actually really cute)  or go full Christmas colors with white, red, or green sweaters. Either way, you’ll be eating A LOT so make sure you’ve got the legwear to match. We would recommend a faux leather legging. It’s dressier than a regular legging but comes with all the comfort and stretch.
Sophia necklace
Rosemary bracelet
Candy Cane Hoops

We think this is the time to bring on the holiday accessories. It’ll either just elevate that holiday look one level, or add a cute festive touch. Things like holiday-themed accessories mixed with subtle basics like a crystal necklace or gold chain bracelet make for the perfect pairing.


The Date Night

Date night outfit inspo

I think we can all agree that the holidays are one of the most romantic times of the year. All the magic in the air makes it the perfect season for a fun and glamorous date night. Both of you deserve to get all dressed up, go somewhere nice, and have a good time. And we mean going full sparkle like a sequin dress, dressed up. Sequin is perfect for holidays and looks amazing in both lighter and darker colors.

Melissa ring


Vi dangle earrings
Vi Dangle

Mia huggiesMia Mixed
Metal Huggies

rose necklaceRose Rope
Chain Necklace

Lydia pearl necklaceLydia Pearl

The best part is how well it pairs with basic accessories like a plain bag and shoes. The accessories though should compliment the look. A pair of bold earrings or just a bold necklace with another piece or two will be all your outfit needs.


The Girls Night

Girls night outfit inspo

'Tis the season for girls' night! With the rest of the year whipping by so quickly, now’s the time to reach out to all your friends for a classic girls' night. It’s the one night you know can just be good times and good vibes. Dressing up just adds a layer of fun so let's put together a cute look. Something in a deep red or green is just the place to start. Take it to the next level and go for a satin or velvet piece.

On to the accessories. We know it can be chilly so don’t forget a pair of tights and some over-the-knee boots to keep your legs warm. Now it's time to go big. A sequin, beaded, or tassel bag paired with big accessories like over-the-top hoops, chunky rings, sparkly necklaces, and bracelets will really be the finishing touches. Remember, it’s time for fun so don’t be afraid to have fun and experiment. 


The Homebody Party

at home outfit inspo

Spending some quality, cozy time at home? Uh, we definitely are and we’re making it chic and festive! We'll be grabbing a super cute lounge set, our coziest blanket, a warm cup of coffee (maybe cocoa but honestly, it’s the holidays so likely an adult cup of cocoa), and just spending some time trying not to worry about the to-do list.

A velvet lounge fit combined with extra fluffy slippers will definitely have us feeling lux. Now, we’re not looking to add accessories this time but, likely, we’ve already got some on. We all love pieces you can set and forget about like a personal necklace with your initial or zodiac sign. Or that one layer of a bracelet set you’ve even been showering with for the last week. These are the pieces that make everything look and feel put together… even when things very much are not.

Holiday cheer studs and dasher necklace

If you're looking for a few more accessory options, just take a look at our Holiday Collection for Christmas party ready pieces!
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